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During your free trial or after you subscribe, you can see the performance of all our stock picks over the past several years.  One of the few services willing to share this information online.  We DO NOT pump and dump risky low float stocks under $10 on our audience like many low price stock chat rooms.  As you can see, these stocks tend to trend higher over the short and long-term as well.  Just click the chart within each archived alert to see exactly how the stock performed since being featured.  Keep in mind there are several good entry/exit strategies discussed on the site to suite your preference.


We also have a methodology with a performance chart based on these same principles of only trading the top quality growth stocks and stocks beating estimates with rising future expectations.  You hold the top 3 stocks each week, making any trading portfolio adjustments on Mondays.  With no technical analysis skills needed on your part if you subscribe to the service.  Its a big time-saver with great performance and takes just 15 minutes per week of your time with our service.


The performance of this related strategy is very straightforward to calculate, with no rules based on new news for the company.  The performance can be viewed on our sister site, Click here to see the latest updated annually.



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