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The Advantages of Our Swing Trading Strategy

  One of the great aspects of our swing trading strategy is that it keeps you in cash until the price reaches a good technical entry point.   Over the past 3 weeks, none of our top 2 weekly trading setups reached the entry point listed in the Weekly Alert.   So using the TTBF […]

Trading Strategies Working Now

  Ahead of the election results, the market went sideways on very low volume.  Afterwards, however, the major indices gapped much higher and then trended higher for the rest of the day.   We saw several stocks crush earnings and meet nearly all the requirements in our earnings eruptions strategy that week.  These stocks did […]

Trading the Best Earnings Beats. Here’s How We Do It

  In a higher volatility environment, we turn our attention to shorter-term swing trades and day trades.   These strategies include the high, tight flag breakout, the earnings eruptions strategy and the explosive bottoming pattern while focusing on getting out at the first target.   We had another big high, tight flag breakout and profit […]

New Course Covering the Most Bullish Chart Pattern

  We are set to launch the next video course in our master trader series. This course will cover the most bullish consolidation pattern – the high, tight flag.   We went back through monthly screening results over the past year to find all these patterns we could.   The results were pretty stunning to […]

Bull Flags and Great Follow-on Moves

  3 weeks ago it was EGAN making a 40% move within a few days after reaching our entry point in a bull flag chart pattern – the strongest consolidation pattern.   The week after that, we saw TNDM soar 20% in about a week and a half after being featured in the Daily Alert […]

The Anatomy of an Elite Swing Trading Setup

  Over the past few months we have been talking about the bull flag or “high tight flag” pattern as one of the best chart patterns and technical swing trading setups in 2018.   This powerful technical pattern, a real bull flag, is explained more under ‘Top Chart Patterns’ on the main site.   Last […]

Big Bull Flag Patterns in Massive Uptrends

  In the last blog post, we talked about how large bull flag patterns are becoming the trading setup of choice in the current market.   MDGL is a good example of this. We caught MDGL breaking out of a large bull flag pattern on a catalyst a week and a half ago before a […]