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How to Get Started Making Money in Stocks

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The following video gives you a great overview of the different strategies that are working the best in the current market.  Its a recording of our live webinar that teach our powerful, proven techniques on Tradetobefree and




One of the questions I often get is how do you get started making money in stocks?  And how much money do I need?  Or, more accurately, how much money do I need to put into a brokerage account to make it worthwhile?


Well, when it comes to buying individual stocks, there are a few methods that I have found work very well to make money.  Which one you should choose does depend on how much money you start with and the time you have to spend on it each week.


For those who have the most limited time, a methodology like the one taught on works very well for their needs.  The performance of the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter was about 3,000% over the first 9.6 years (before commissions and slippage) from April 2012 to November 2021.


And this methodology only takes a few minutes per week to utilize.  The newsletter comes out Wednesday night and you would change 1 to 2 positions on average per week on Thursday only.  Always having 3 stocks in your account dedicated to this approach.  You incur about 170 trading commissions or so per year because you pay on the way in and on the way out of a stock.  The good news is that most online brokers now offer free commissions on stock trades.


You can start with smaller amounts but generally $15,000 is a good amount to start with if you are using the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.  The Investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter has a terrific track record since inception and customers are willing to pay for superior performance so you need to factor in those costs along with commissions.


With under 15k starting capital, you can use the free video course on and learn to do it all yourself.  Just keep in mind it should take years to develop the same level of knowledge and skill to perform as well.


The other method we found that works well for us in our own trading is the Tradetobefree method where we buy elite growth stocks and other stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals as they are completing a pullback or consolidation generally within a longer-term uptrend.  And we feature these on the subscription site just as they are near an ideal technical entry point.  With this approach, assuming you have 3 stocks in your trading account at any given time, it will likely require about half the trades per year as the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.


With most online brokers today, you can use this swing trading strategy and pay nothing in commissions.  So if you are disciplined and have the half hour or more per day to use the subscription site, it can be well worth it.


If you have more time than money to invest in training or services like ours, our new earnings eruptions course and high tight flag course teaches you a very high probability low risk trade that can work great even with a basic trading platform.


Hope that helps you decide which route to go and how much you need in the beginning.  As always, talk to your personal financial advisor about how much you should put into individual stocks based on your personal financial situation.  And then get started down the path of making your personal fortune in the market by choosing one of the great options above.


Yours Truly,


Brian C Neall – Founder

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  • Christopher Fanslau

    I am interested in your 3 stocks to trade per week. But I only have$10,000 in my Roth IRA and $7,000 in my individual trading account with TD Ameritrade. Is that enough money to work with?

    • admin

      You may want to switch to Robinhood because they do not charge commissions and these strategies can be easily used with Robinhood. Unlike day trading strategies, you do not need a more expensive trading platforms with this swing trading strategies. But either way, that amount is enough to start with and have it work well.

    • admin

      Well talk to a financial advisor or do you your own research to diversify your overall portfolio based on your personal needs. But a lot of people put money into different “buckets” each month. One bucket could be a diversified fund and another bucket could be into your aggressive portfolio. Once you identified how much you are willing to risk in stocks, then you can educate yourself on the best trading strategies and start practice trading. But once you move to a live account, Robinhood offers commission-free trading and you can get good charting through your online broker you have for your IRAs or which is inexpensive. So trading costs and expenses are now very low which allows you to make money with virtually any size account. Robinhood can be used successfully with our strategies in the Daily and Weekly Alert and also the explosive bottoming pattern and earnings eruption course.

  • Rick Truax

    I have never traded a stock, but I have dabbled in Forex. Lost 10000. I would like to trade your picks, trading patterns in a self directed rsp (Canada), but have no idea on what to do, how to start. I know I would have to transfer my rsp to a self directed rsp account and that makes a lot of sense, as my financial advisor has only made 4 % per year after fees. I am 61 and retired and will need to start taking money from my rsp at 65, so I have 4 years to get it built up, to start taking monthly income from my investments. I guess what I am saying is that I need some hand holding here to get to where I want to be financially. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am a planner type person, so breaking it down to steps would be a great help. Thank you in advance

  • Tony

    Do you offer a course, as well, as the newsletter? Or do you just provide us with the stocks to invest in for the swing trade?

    I’, just curious if we are taught your underlying strategy, so we can see clearly why you choose, these everyweek. Or are your Youtube videos enough?

    regards Tony

    • admin

      The Youtube videos explain a lot, however, there is a lot more critical information in the book covering our main swing trading strategy used in the Weekly and Daily Alert. We also offer the earnings eruptions video training course and the explosive bottoming course which are shorter-term trades and are excellent as well. The product page has more info on each strategy which we use in our own trading.

  • Mike

    New here but need clarification about the trigger price for your stocks. It says to go to the website to get up to date charts which I can’t seem to find but more importantly, how does one determine if the trigger has been met on the daily close using the trendline which seems to be very thick on the charts on the the alerts.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I really want to get off on the right foot here

  • Eugene Ellis Esq.

    I have been trading for 20 years mostly options. I contacted your co because I read Gregory Witts book Rolling sticks and I can not find a scanning service that can isolate mostly less than 5 dollars rolling stocks. I am excited to see samples of that service. I also have Vector Vest.

    • admin

      You will find great “rolling stocks” or channeling stocks in all price ranges in our Daily Alert service. Mostly on stocks above $5 as those tend to be more reliable. We don’t use Vector Vest ourselves. However, we do use many of Zacks products.

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