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Tradetobefree vs Investtobefree

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2 Favorite Swing Trading Approaches – Which is Best for You?


2021 has been another great year so far for the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on   The 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy had an amazing year in 2020 after a great start over its first 7.5 years.


Every year the market provides more important lessons that improve our trading over time.


Our latest video goes over the differences between the tradetobefree and investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth approach, why the strategies have been working so well, what is likely to work in the future, how algorithms and AI may affect results and how some traders recently got a 6% per year boost in their yearly net performance going forward.


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 vs the ITBF 3 Stocks to Wealth Swing Trading Strategy


On we use technical analysis to pinpoint entries/exits on the best stocks.


With the investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth approach, we use a lot of technical analysis to find the top 3 stocks each week but want to just hold these stocks until we re-rank all stocks again the following week.


The video explains why this approach has seen fantastic results over its first 8.5 years and why it has a great shot to do well over the next  8 years.


But a lot of people ask us what the difference is between Tradetobefree and Investtobefree.  Here is an email we received from one of our enthusiastic customers – Pierre:


“I used to subscribe to your Trade to be Free newsletter because I was persuaded that your methodology really covered the various angles and variables in a superior fashion compared to anything else I had come across.


Although I was not quite ready to begin investing at that time (and cancelled my subscription), I am now approaching the moment where I want to put my funds to work in the markets.  So, my question is: Are you offering two different systems, or are they the same system under two different names?  And if they are somewhat different, how?”


Here was my response to Pierre:


Great question, Pierre.  Yes, both websites and methodologies have similar philosophical underpinnings.  On both sites we are looking for stocks that have strong, consistent earnings and sales growth and/or big earnings beats with rising estimates along with other key factors.


We like to trade stocks with these characteristics.  Some of the few characteristics that are proven to lead to market-beating returns (at least over the next few weeks) over the past four decades.


As you know, features these stocks in the daily alert service only when the stock is near an ideal technical entry point.  Either in a bullish chart pattern and/or breaking a downtrend within a longer-term, well defined uptrend.


On, we use technical analysis to pinpoint the entry and exit for the trade.


This involves you checking the stock each day and the latest chart on our site to see if a target entry point or exit point has been reached.  Along with our other trading rules listed on the site and in our book.


A Simpler Swing Trading Approach


With, we do not use technical analysis to pinpoint the entries and exits.  We have the top 3 stocks each week with the aforementioned fundamental characteristics that are proven to lead to higher prices.


As long as they do not have a significant bearish technical pattern.  Or another significant red flag we look for in their financials, news flow, etc…  And usually are already trending higher again.


So we get a list of the very best stocks and weed out the likely losers based on technical analysis.  We then deliver the top 3 every Monday in our 3 Stocks to Wealth premium service on


You can then just buy and hold these 3 stocks for the next five days with no follow-up analysis.  You are done working on this for the week.


3 Stocks to Wealth Swing Trading Strategy vs Buy and Hold


The top 3 stocks in the 3 Stocks to Wealth service are “investable stocks”.


Meaning fund managers are accumulating large positions over time in most cases.  If you are comfortable with buying and holding top growth stocks, you should be comfortable with this approach.


When you subscribe to, you just adjust your portfolio once per week if the list of top 3 stocks changes at all (many weeks the list stays the same).


With the Investtobefree service you always buy and sell on Tuesday.  It takes just 15 minutes per week on average to execute the swing trades.


Whereas Tradetobefree may take you a half hour or more of analysis and decision making per day.


In Summary


For many people, is the best route to go because the returns continue to be very strong (See latest performance) for what little time it requires on only 1 day per week.


It only takes about 15 minutes on one day per week to execute the trades when you subscribe and you do not need to use technical analysis or even understand charts.  We do all the hard work in finding the top 3 stocks for you and provide links to help check out each opportunity.


Consistency is the key to making a lot of money using any successful methodology.


You need to consistently make trades for a long time and honestly most people have very busy lives.  But 15 minutes on the same day per week is doable for virtually everyone to actually execute the trades.


And most people do not fully comprehend technical analysis.  So to use the Tradetobefree system is too complicated for them.  And they neither have the time or inclination to learn.


But if you can be consistent every day and want to become skilled at using a more technical approach on great stocks (which generally takes years), you can probably do better with


Otherwise, is much less time consuming and has been generating terrific returns for what little time you invest in it.  And the back-tested returns prior to the service launch in 2012 are also very impressive.


Tradetobefree Daily Alert



Hope that explains the differences for everyone!  Feel free to ask more questions or comment below


Quarterly Trial offer to the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy

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  • Christopher Fanslau

    I currently have a subscription with xxx haven’t been with them long enough yet to see results yet. its only been about two months now. Like you said there will be periods of drawl down that needs to be ridden out. But I am also very interested in I would like to know four things at this time. I see we would buy into three stocks a week on Tuesdays. Only replacing the ones that need be. I take it the ones that get replaced would be because of poor performance or bad news coming out for the stock itself or the underling market it is in, or enough profits have been made on it.
    “Please tell me any other reasons I should know”. And how long on average do the longest holds last? And what happen between 06-2015 and 12-2015 that caused the almost 30% loss on the performance cart? One last question I have a individual trading account with about $6,000 to $7,000 in it to work with, and a Roth IRA with about $10,000 in it I trade with. Is this enough to work with your tree stocks to trade or should I wait to gather more money in them? I am sorry one more question what is the “average” yearly percentage gain with Thank you for your time.

    • admin

      Generally the stocks are taken off the list of top 3 stocks on only because another stock is better for the coming week. Each week we sift through the thousands of stocks in the market to come up with the top 3 for the following week for the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on Just because it gets bumped does not mean its going to go downward. But following the instructions carefully after you subscribe is very important each Tuesday. It only takes 15 minutes per week but its an important 15 minutes each Tuesday. The average hold time on is around 1.5 weeks. The newsletter had a draw down in late 2015 due to the bear market in small caps where the small cap Russell 2000 went down over 30% from top to bottom. If you have less than $20,000, I would get the high tight flag course or explosive bottoming course or subscribe to the Daily Alert. Preferrably both to build your account due to the higher cost of the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter. Or get the daily alert newsletter first. Its important to start learning successful strategies and practice them to start making strong returns each year in your aggressive portfolio. The average annual return over the first 8+ years is around 42% per year using the assumptions on the site. As always, talk to a financial advisor or do you your own research to know how much of your overall portfolio to put into individual stocks.

  • Matt

    What is the difference between the Power Investing Alerts, Tradetobefree, and Investtobefree?

    • admin

      The Tradetobefree Daily and Weekly Alerts are for technical swing trading on stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. With this strategy, you need to check the news and chart each day for any sell signals after the market closes while in each trade. The entries and exits are based on technical analysis. The Investtobefree 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on requires just 15 minutes per week for those who do not have the time or inclination to master and use technical analysis each day. Its great for busy and/or undisciplined traders. You just buy and sell 3 stocks each Tuesday – holding the top 3 stocks for the following week in your trading account. Takes just 15 minutes per week and fits just about anyone’s busy schedule.

    • Brian Neall

      Also, see the blog post and new video above.

  • Tony Pereira

    I have been reading and learning about your 3 STOCKS TO WEALTH strategy for a while now and am keen to learn more about it and hiw it works to see if it really dose work in realty. However I am unsure whether strategy is available for American subscribers only or if it is available for Australian subscribers to be able to use this strategy in real time or not. Can you please inform me on this issue so as i can decide on whether to subscribe for the 3 Stocks to Weath system.

    • admin


      The site and service is intended for US customers only. In addition, the stocks are all traded on exchanges here in the states and the strategy may or may not work on other exchanges throughout the world.

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