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The Perfect Swing Trading Setup (Continued from home page…. )



Of course, not all of these setups will make this kind of move so quickly, but this culmination of factors normally yields big gains in short order. As long as either the earnings estimates are trending strongly higher and the company tends to beat those estimates….


Or, the stock is an elite growth stock in the market based on a strict set of criteria including very strong and sustained earnings and sales growth, insider buying or strong insider ownership, a high return on equity among other key predictive fundamental factors. Very few of these technical trading setups have these fundamental characteristics.


So you may find this technical setup in a lesser stock, but its less likely to make a sizable move.


Our experience shows that you need both proven fundamentals and a strong technical setup to justify putting your hard-earned money to work. You need to spend the time to look far and wide to find these swing trade setups.


Our service saves your valuable time and teaches you how to find and trade these big profit-making opportunities. You will find many of these perfect setups with both the right fundamentals and technicals in our newsletter over time.


Some of these setups on the best stocks go up 30% to 100% in price within a couple months. And these are not risky and speculative penny stocks either. We trade stocks with proven sales and earnings growth over a long period of time. The top growth stocks in the market.


We also feature great swing trading setups on stocks with rising estimates that have a strong track record of beating those estimates by a wide margin.


You will find many similar setups when you take our free 3 week trial of our newsletter to get on board one of these rocket ships before they take off. Its a lot of fun.


The examples on our home page are also considered channeling stocks.


In this case, the channel has an upward slope which is ideal as long as the trend higher is sustainable given the underlying fundamentals. Other trading setups featured in our newsletter are in a horizontal channel. These are often very profitable as well.


But, again, key fundamental metrics must also be present and only a small percentage of stocks have these improving fundamental characteristics. Fortunately, we find many of these classic channeling stock opportunities each week in the Daily Alert.


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The Perfect Momentum Trading Setup

Along with swing trading and channeling stock opportunities, we are also constantly on the lookout for great momentum trading setups on top growth stocks. Again, we look for only those stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals. These stocks fall into a couple categories:


1. Where analysts are tripping over each other to be the next one to raise estimates and the company has a tendency to beat these estimates. Where the underlying value of the company is increasing due to the sheer growth rate of the company.

2. Companies that are increasing sales and estimates at a very fast clip. With several other key fundamental metrics that are very bullish. In short, the top growth stocks in the market.