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We’re dedicated to teaching our powerful stock trading system to you, the small investor! Our swing trading system combines top technical trading techniques with fundamental strategies that have averaged over 30% per year.

We prove the effectiveness of our stock trading system with our stock newsletter. Try our weekly stock picks free and watch as we profit using our swing trading and channeling stock techniques.

Unlike other stock market newsletters, we give away our secrets! We also offer our optimized channeling stock strategies directly to you in our book Power Investing – Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom. Using our advanced system, you can place all stock trades in the evening without compromising your day job.


Premium Stock Picks

For those who like the convenience of having the best growth stock and swing trading opportunities pre-selected for them by experienced experts, we analyze thousands of stocks to come up with our top stock picks each week using our optimized system. Right now we’re offering a 3 week FREE trial of our weekly stock picks for a limited time.

These weekly stock picks and advanced market analysis are ideal for day traders, swing traders and longer-term investors. Check out our carefully selected trading opportunities and market forecast before you make your next trade! Unlike other stock market newsletters, our book and weekly stock picks show you how to select great small companies to trade. Companies that are exceeding earnings expectations and raising future estimates.

We also teach you how to read stock charts and better time the broad market. Our services help you to make intelligent choices when trading in stocks. Unlike many swing trading services who promote trading penny stocks, we focus on only top-performing, high quality small-caps and show you how to find them. This reduces downside risk.


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