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ROKU Breakout and Survey Results

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This morning, we are watching ROKU breakout to new highs before the bell.  It was our top swing trading opportunity this week listed in the Weekly Alert.


Out of the hundreds of responses to our recent survey, a lot of you wanted video reviews explaining our strategies in more detail.  In this latest video, I go over a couple recent trades that appeared in the alert service to further explain the swing trading technical entry points we wait for to increase our win rate.


(You can click the upper right-hand corner of the our new video players to see a full screen version.)




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In the survey, a lot of you also wanted market analysis videos.  So plan on seeing more in the weeks and months ahead.


This week I go over how we knew to go bearish last Thursday in the Daily Alert before the 6% drop in the market at the end of last week and beginning of this week.





To learn how we will be trading ROKU today, you can check out the earnings eruptions course.



Trading Big Earnings Beats:  Learn Our Earnings Eruptions Strategy





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