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This Market Timing Signal Just Saved Us Thousands

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We recently told everyone about our 2nd favorite trading setup in the current market.  A stock with rapidly improving fundamentals and great long-term growth.  The price had recently blasted into new 52-week highs on enormous volume and had formed a nice consolidation back to the top of this gap where it was finding support.


A few days after we talked about this trading setup, the market generated a bearish confirmation.


We exit our long trades once we see this signal.  History shows that this signal occurs right before or in the early stages of all steep market corrections.  We used this same signal to know when to turn bearish right before all the dramatic sell-offs in 2008 and right before the “flash crash” in 2010 in our Daily Alert newsletter.


So we give this technical signal a LOT of respect and exit long trades when we see it.  You do get some false signals but its still a very effective market timing signal.


So we exited CRUS with a small profit and other long trades we were holding when we saw this signal and notified our customers.  And saved everyone a lot of money in the process.


Really understanding and using a reliable market timing signal can make the difference between being a successful trader and just an average one.


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