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Latest ITBF Upgrades and Trading Q3 Earnings

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The latest upgrades to our sister site,, are now live!


The new site brings a more mobile-friendly interface, a new logo and blog.


The 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on is by far the simplest swing trading strategy we know of yet has been highly successful over its first seven years since we launched the site and service in April of 2012.


Here is the latest annual performance chart


* See details



The strategy focuses on finding the top 3 stocks in terms of growth, estimate revisions, earnings beats, long-term technical trend and shorter-term technical trends.  We also use our 15 years experience in coming up with the top 3 each week.


If the top 3 list changes on Monday evening, you just sell the stocks coming off the list and add the new ones on Tuesday.


By the end of the day on Tuesday, you are left holding the top 3 stocks until the following Tuesday.


We developed the strategy in 2011 in response to existing customers who were just too busy to spend months or years to learn day trading.


Most of us are busy.


A Swing Trading Strategy that Saves You Precious Time


Sometimes too busy to even spend a half hour a day on the Tradetobefree strategy.  That is what drove us to spend years to develop and refine the strategy.


Those who followed the 15 minute routine, on 1 day per week over the past seven years, have been well rewarded to be sure as can be seen on the chart.


The top 3 stocks each week were published to clients well ahead of the entry/exit triggers used to generate the performance chart.


A big advantage of the strategy is that it does not involve risky options, margin, leverage or rely on penny stocks.  So its safer than a lot of other trading strategies talked about online.


Also, sometimes the market and stocks will rise suddenly and violently on good news (usually economic data, the Fed or government policy changes).


Technical analysis is a good tool to capture many big moves but it doesn’t work to capture a large gap higher in stocks on sudden news.   The 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy does.


We have a free video course on the site that explains how to learn to use the strategy and do all the work yourself.  There is also a special offer to subscribe to the premium service if you want a seasoned expert pick the stocks each week.


Trading Q3 Earnings Season So Far


Meanwhile, we are seeing some great consolidation patterns breaking out and moving much higher quickly.


One of our favorites was in a descending wedge pattern within a strong long-term uptrend when we featured it to clients.  After a catalyst emerged, it reached the target entry point and quickly surged about 10% from the target entry point in about a day last week.


The night before in the Daily Alert service, we found a great semiconductor stock breaking out of a flat top breakout pattern which we covered in our prior post.  A great pattern to look for during earnings season.


Again, all the factors need to be present when the price reaches the entry point that we talk about in the alert service and courses.  We have been harping on these factors all year in the alert service.  Without all of them present, its a no go.


We should see some big earnings eruptions trades and high tight flag breakouts in the weeks ahead.   Last quarter we saw several that made huge moves during the summer.


Meanwhile, October through May is usually the best time to trade while the summer is often just ok.  Many powerful consolidation patterns are setting up nicely right now.  A few will have the right new catalyst for some impressive moves.


Trading ahead of the Fed this Week


The Fed is coming up on Wednesday.  The market is expecting another cut but you just never know.  Trading the few days before a key Fed announcement is usually difficult.  However, earnings season is in full swing.





Last quarter, we jumped in on ENPH that met the requirements in the earnings eruptions strategy the morning before the Fed decision.  The stock soared about 20% higher from the entry point within a few days.  ROKU of course, made an enormous move out of the same pattern.


Third quarter is usually better.  The next few weeks should be fun.





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