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Learn Risk Management for Confidence & Peace of Mind

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In our just released complimentary swing trading course, I talk about one of the critical elements of being a successful trader.


In this video I talk about risk management. And once you follow through on it, it leads to two very valuable things as a trader.


Confidence and peace of mind.


Critical things covered in this video include separating your trading capital from the rest of your money and having a written set of rules for the max amount you want to risk on each trade.


But here is the bottom-line when it comes to risk management. I can’t stress this enough:


If you do NOT use good risk management when day trading, you will likely blow up your account at some point in the not-too-distant future. Especially when trading penny stocks and stocks under $10. You can probably get away with sloppy risk management when swing trading better quality stocks, but it will at least cost you some of your profitability over time.


This video will help keep you in the game so you can stay on the path to becoming a great trader. Ignore risk management or get sloppy and it will cost you dearly.







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