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New Course Covering the Most Bullish Chart Pattern

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We are set to launch the next video course in our master trader series. This course will cover the most bullish consolidation pattern – the high, tight flag.


We went back through monthly screening results over the past year to find all these patterns we could.


The results were pretty stunning to say the least.


Here are just a few examples of the incredible runs this year after a high, tight flag breakout that meets the qualifications in the new videos to be released very soon.


Keep in mind that none of these stocks are risky penny stocks.


    • RGNX soared 80% in just over a month.


    • EGAN cruised over 100% higher in about 2 months after breaking out of a high, tight flag.


    • CRC went 85% higher in about 2 months out of what many technicians consider the strongest technical pattern.



    • HUYA exploded nearly 70% higher in just 5 trading days.


  • HEAR skyrocketed 500% higher in just 3 months out of the #1 technical pattern.


That is just a small sample of the enormous moves this year made after breaking out of a high, tight flag.


The average max gain before closing below the key technical support level taught in the course was around 40%. This is assuming you only trade the ones that adhere to the precise rules laid out in the course. The average time to reach the average max gain was just over 3 weeks.


This powerful chart pattern is coming up more and more this year. In fact, we saw quite a few in late May and June.


In the course, we teach you the buy/sell rules that achieved a nearly 90% win rate during the back-test. This was with a tight 4% stop-loss and an average profit of nearly 2.5 times that in less than 4 trading days on average.


Pretty incredible back-testing stats. It even beats the earnings eruptions strategy and the explosive bottoming pattern. Again, a lot of these broke out during the summer which tends to have worse results for all strategies.


This one trading strategy is poised to rule this fall and winter when the results are generally better than the summer.


Many experts are calling for a “melt up” in the market later this year due to high earnings growth and accelerating economic growth. If they are right, this strategy could make us a LOT of money as they come up on our radar more often.


I am truly excited to bring this strategy to you at just the right time. The video course will even go over which industries to avoid for an even higher win rate in our back-testing. Industries that tested poorly with other strategies as well.


We also go over the popular methods to trade this technical setup and show you a better way that averaged 32% more profits and actually lowered the average time in the trade to less than 4 days.


We also share with you how to know when to go for the “home run” and when to lock in great profits in a very short period of time.


In the course I’ll also go over exactly how to find these setups, the volume needed, price ranges that work best, times of day the breakout should occur for the best results and other powerful insights every trader should know.


The course is being released within a couple weeks. Just before the best time of year to trade these incredible opportunities.




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