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The Advantages of Our Swing Trading Strategies

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One of the great aspects of our strategies and featured swing trading setups is that you can either trade them for a short-term swing trade or a long-term swing trade. You can go for a quick 4% to 15% and sometimes more within several days. Or you can go for a larger move on a longer time-frame.


A good strategy for beginners is to sell most of your shares after the first wave higher, stopping the remainder near your entry and let the rest ride until a glaring sell signal or it hits your final target with a limit order.


Once our setups hit the technical entry point, they typically move 4% to 15% or more within several days during a market uptrend. A few, like SEDG and ABMD featured this month, move around 25% or more within several days.


You can also play the longer-term swing trade that normally lasts for a week to several weeks or even months. In fact, part of our methodology taught in our book talks about how to keep a portion for potentially years if it rides above a long-term uptrend support.


So whether you are a short-term swing trader or more patient long-term swing trader, these setups are definitely worth considering. Sometimes our schedules are packed and we are forced into longer-term technical swing trades because we do not have enough time each night to consider new trades.


Not only do you have the option of a short or long-term swing trade, you also can put in all orders in the evening after work using our swing trading strategy only on top growth stocks and UPOD stocks.


So this strategy will not interfere with a day job either and it will perform better than other swing trading strategies that rely on pump and dump on more risky stocks under $10. Strategies where the slippage is so bad that only the person pumping the stock makes a lot of money.


But these trades are different. These stocks we feature have the rapidly improving fundamentals to support a higher price. This gives you an edge.


When TTD and AAXN met all the criteria in the earnings eruptions course this month, they quickly soared 15% to 25% from the technical entry point taught in the videos after the open the trading session after the release.


They made this move from our entry point because they were already in a long-term uptrend and had rapidly improving fundamentals for some time.


Even when trading the explosive bottoming pattern, we focus just on stocks around or above their 200 day moving average with strong price performance for years prior.


The next time you trade a stock look at a 5 year chart first. Then ask yourself whether fund managers, who really have the buying power to push a stock much higher for good, are going to be interested in a stock where management has not created shareholder value over the past few years.


Fund managers do not pump and dump. They acquire stock at lower price levels and keep them so the price is forced to rise with a tendency to stay higher.


Prior performance is key for fund managers when judging whether to jump in immediately or not after a big earnings beat. Its better to have fund managers jumping in instead of just short-term traders who dump their shares quickly.


I hope that explains the differences between this strategy and others promoted online. You can even mirror our trades and do well unlike other services on lower priced stocks. They are usually lower for a reason, and not a good one.


The stocks we trade will have a LOT less slippage and you can mirror trades and still do very well. This is because the stocks we feature are more reliable and liquid and have rapidly improving fundamentals to help support a higher price.





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