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Swing Trading Stocks – Great Results in Aug & Sep

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August was another great month for us with the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter up another 10% and now over a 9 bagger before commissions and fees in just over five years and five months for those using the easy 15 minute instructions each Friday. Meanwhile, we featured some terrific trading setups in the Daily and Weekly Alert on that soared after being featured to customers.


CORT is up about 60% now since being featured several weeks ago. MTOR is up nearly 50% now. WB made a huge move for both sites and many others made big gains after being featured in the Daily Alert. In September we have already seen UCTT soar 35% after being featured in the Daily Alert at the end of August.


This week we saw both of our top 2 trading setups for the week soar about 10% within a few days after being featured in the alerts. The 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter is about to wrap up another good month as well.


The rate of gains this year is approaching triple digits when 2017 is all said and done for the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter which requires only 15 minutes per week for subscribers. Its been a great year and some of the best months historically are just ahead of us.


Swing trading stocks is a great strategy during a market uptrend. In our latest instructional video, we go over how we do it again and again with some great examples. Plus, we share a great setup near an ideal technical entry point this week.



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