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Swing Trading Strategies that Work in Today’s Market

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The end of the year is a great time to look at your past trades throughout the year and see what is working best.


In 2017, we have seen many of the classic bullish technical patterns work very well – at least on the very best growth stocks with rapidly improving fundamentals and strong UPOD (under promise – over deliver) stocks.


When CXW was featured just before 2017 started in the daily alert, it was breaking out of a very well-formed bull flag pattern.  Arguably the most bullish chart pattern and a pattern that has been really heating up again recently.


CXW formed the pattern in December of 2016 with rising estimates and other positive fundamental factors emerging.  The price reached our target entry point after being showcased in the Daily Alert and it soared about 50% higher within a few weeks while pulling back less than 1% below the ideal technical entry point in the pattern.


We saw 2 other bull flag breakouts last week.  GDS broke out and surged 4% yesterday already.  DQ is up about 10% in a few days.


Both stocks are poised to make much bigger gains after perhaps another pullback and bullish candlestick pattern.


Many of the biggest moves last year came on the superior growth stocks with the mid-double digit or higher growth.  ALGN broke out of 2 flat bases for us ahead of earnings for big profits of 20% to 35% within a few weeks.


ANET soared nearly 50% within several weeks after breaking out of the same pattern after we featured it to customers.


OLED, LGIH, NVDA, CORT, UCTT, NTES, CTRL, SUPN and many others made 20% to 50%+ moves for us within a few weeks after appearing on the site.


Keep in mind that none of these are volatile and risky stocks under $10.  They are more reliable and stable growth stocks that you can confidently hold for a number of weeks.


But all of these stocks had one thing in common – strong growth for a number of years followed by recent strong accelerating growth.  They then formed a strong consolidation for a number of weeks before breaking out.


Other top performers, like MTOR, were clobbering estimates with rising future expectations and very reasonably valued.  MTOR soared over 50% within a few weeks after we featured it.


It seems like all the top performers were either trouncing estimates with rising future expectations and a low valuation or were top growth stocks with accelerating growth.


This theme should continue in early 2018.  Growth is back and we should see different industries throughout the year deliver great trading setups for us.


We saw some great explosive bottoming pattern setups as well in 2017.  RH ran about 70% from the ideal entry point in this pattern in about a month.  HTHT soared 40% after we mentioned it in the alerts in December near the ideal entry point in this pattern.  Many other stocks made big moves for those who have the video course.


The explosive bottoming pattern takes anywhere from an hour to about 8 days to reach its first target with a high success rate even while using a tight 3.5% stop.  Its very flexible and can easily be traded even if you work full time.


Last January we saw some great explosive bottoming setups that made big moves such as NOVN and others.  January is a great time to learn and start using the explosive bottoming swing trading strategy.


Meanwhile, the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter had an incredible year as well after the first five years were extremely good.


High double digit returns in 2017 for a strategy that requires just 15 minutes on 1 day per week is not bad at all. It continues to crush the top investment newsletters into 2018 on stocks that you can hold while sleeping well at night.



But growth is back in vogue.  And this may continue in the years ahead as economic growth accelerates.  Now is a great time to learn swing trading strategies that work.


Money will rotate out of one industry into another as better growth numbers continue to emerge.  One month it might be small oil drillers.  The next month it could be large cap biotechs or housing that will offer most of the best swing trading opportunities.


But watch for more bull flag patterns in the weeks and months ahead.  We will be adding more training videos on this explosive technical setup that often dwarfs the rest in a strong bull market.


You can also save a lot of time and have an expert select top trading setups on quality growth and UPOD (under promise/over deliver) stocks. Stocks that are generally in long-term uptrends with rapidly improving fundamentals.  A great strategy for any account size and a trading system that will not compromise a day job and fit anyone’s schedule.



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