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The Advantages of Our Swing Trading Strategy

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One of the great aspects of our swing trading strategy is that it keeps you in cash until the price reaches a good technical entry point.


Over the past 3 weeks, none of our top 2 weekly trading setups reached the entry point listed in the Weekly Alert.


So using the TTBF strategies kept us nearly all in cash as the market pulled back more than 15% within 3 weeks.


Not only did we sidestep big losses, this also sets the market up for some amazing opportunities in the weeks and months ahead.


Many experts are saying this downdraft is sentiment driven with no real signs of a sharp slowdown in the US. Others are saying its just a reflection of decreased liquidity caused by the Fed winding down its balance sheet.


Others are pointing to the fact that treasuries, CDs and money markets are now yielding more with higher interest rates.  So money is flocking to get that incredible 2.50% annual return in treasuries.  Yea sure.


Whether its slightly higher rates, big funds deleveraging or just negative sentiment, it will give us some great opportunities in the weeks ahead.


I expect big chart patterns including explosive bottoming patterns, a few high, tight flag breakouts and some big earnings trades in the months ahead on top stocks.  Along with some good short setups on stocks with recent poor financial performance after a rebound.


Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out our latest site upgrade which will offer even more great trading opportunities for those who work yet want to make money swing trading. A strategy that also give you great day trading opportunities near the ideal entry point on the swing trade.


With the latest changes you will have a more mobile friendly interface and more powerful education to take advantage of both volatile and non-volatile markets in 2019 and beyond.




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  • Timothy Lee OLaughlin

    Thanks for the great service you provide i look foward to your emails every day.

    • Brian Neall

      You’re welcome Timothy. We strive to optimize and teach the best swing trading strategies on elite stocks.

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