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Trend Trading Strategies & Multiple Time-Frame Alignment

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Multiple time-frame alignment is a concept used by top traders where you find ideal technical entries on more than 1 time-frame.  Usually this means finding a breakout in a good day trading chart pattern near the breakout point in a longer-term swing trading pattern.


For example, you can find a good flag pattern breakout formed over the past several weeks and then look for a good day trading pattern near that breakout point.  This is a must-know strategy for any day trader.


It also helps to better pinpoint swing trading entry points to improve your percentage of success while trading off a small portion of the gains.


To use multiple time-frame alignment, the first step is finding a list of great stocks near an ideal swing trading entry point.  Then you find the great day trading pattern and entry point.  This video gives you a great example of how we do it.


Just click the subscribe button off to the right and play the video below.


Like I said, its a very powerful concept that can make a big difference in your own trading.  In the video I also go over the flat base pattern and give you a great setup if the market starts a strong rebound next week!




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