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Catching One of the Biggest Winners Last Week

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We saw several more big winners last week that broke out of the earnings eruptions pattern talked about in the new video set that covers this powerful trading setup.


We caught ROKU breaking out using this strategy on Wednesday morning. The stock soared 40% within 3 days after reaching the ideal technical entry point talked about in the earnings eruptions videos.


The long-term prospects for ROKU are not as good so we should see a nice short opportunity on this next week.


The best way to catch these huge winners is right after the report – only if it has a good float size, share price, pre-market pattern and long-term trend. In the case of ROKU, we had a nice distance between a $25.60 swing point and near $30. I knew if it broke $25.60 it could reach around $30 in a hurry. In this case, it took just 11 minutes. Nice.


If you trade a stock in a lower price range, this trading setup is much less reliable. In the price range talked about in the course, it has been 90% reliable this quarter and around 90% over the past 3 quarters with a tight 2.5% stop-loss. Odds you just cannot get when trading lower priced stocks and playing the pump and dump game.


Stocks like ROKU have a real catalyst, real and sustained earnings and sales growth. Unreliable long pumps and short pumps are just not needed with this setup.


When you have a very high probability trading setup when using a tight 2.5% stop-loss, you can take much larger position sizes with a lot more confidence than on lower quality stocks. And the slippage is minimal versus the enormous slippage you often eat on lower priced stocks.


So whether you are trading on margin with a small account or trading $100,000 position sizes or more this trading setup is a big money-maker. After testing dozens of intra-day strategies, this strategy beats them all by far. There is only one other day trading strategy that I use where you get in and out the same day. Most of my favorite strategies are swing trading strategies where you keep the stock for multiple days.


We have seen at least 10 earnings eruptions setups so far this earnings season. A few of those did not quite meet all the criteria but were very close. 9 of 10 of those setups would have been winners using the entry/exit rules in the earnings eruptions strategy. SEDG was the only loser and I personally about broke even on that trade.


There is no telling how long this will clobber other short-term strategies but over the past 3 quarters its had a very high winning percentage over about 40 trading setups for those using the rules in the course which was just released in May.


Again, you have to make sure the stock meets all the requirements including the price of the stock and the size of the gap to make it a high percentage, low risk trading setup with huge upside for a day trade.


We should see a few more earnings eruptions setups in the weeks ahead. Right now we are offering a special package deal for both the earnings eruptions trade and the explosive bottoming pattern on the site. We just featured an explosive bottoming pattern last week on WB before it soared nearly 20% within a few days.


Order now and we will take $50 off if you order both video courses. Just view the free presentation on the earnings eruptions strategy and the discounted offer on the explosive bottoming course will come up after you order.




Save Big on the Earnings Eruptions and Explosive Bottoming Video Course


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  • jerry sears

    you do not provide an email for questions

  • jerry sears

    is lcrx on your list for breakout

    • admin

      LRCX almost made the list of top trading setups this week but also looks good as it tries to break out of a double bottom pattern currently.

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