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Learning from the Trade of the Year

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As the market pulls back and digests the big gains over the past few years, its a good time to get ready for what is generally the most exciting time of year to trade – late Fall through Spring of the following year.


Over the years, many of our best trades were made during this time period.  A lot of very bullish momentum trading setups appear on our radar during the months ahead. Bull flag patterns, double bottoms, rounding bottoms and an even better chart pattern – multiple patterns.


This is a great technical setup that a lot of traders overlook.  As with our other trades, we only look for these on elite growth stocks and stocks with rising estimates that are beating those estimates and only on the best penny stocks with the right fundamental factors.


The trade of the year so far in 2015 has been ANAC which we featured to subscribers back in May just before it nearly tripled within a couple months.


And this is a classic example of multiple bullish patterns nearing an ideal technical entry.  In my latest video, I teach you insights to help you find and trade these highly profitable gems.



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List of Top Stocks in Multiple Bullish Patterns and Stocks in Other Bullish Formations

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