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The Latest Round of Updates are Now Live!

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The 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on our sister site,, has been offered to the public for over 11 years now.


When the service launched in 2012 we made some bold predictions about how well this strategy could do based on our research and swing trading skills and it certainly came through for those who used it diligently since then.


Its been a few years since the last round of improvements and it was a good time to study the first high inflationary environment in more than 4 decades.  Its been since the late 1960s since we have made a transition from a very low inflationary environment to very high inflation.  A time period prior to the Zacks rank model and other data.


This may not be the first time we make this transition to higher inflation in the years ahead so we carefully studied how to improve the strategy by looking at better ways to reduce volatility, a better entry/exit strategy, and an optimized day of the week to publish the weekly update.  The prior blog post studying what we can learn from other popular trend following strategies goes over a background of some of these improvements.


But just the optimized day of the week should introduce twice as many stocks with game changing earnings reports in the updates.  At a time when we can fully capitalize on it.


The new volatility reducing strategy based on now 11 years of performance actually increased performance in the back-testing.


We will also be delivering videos on the best game changing earnings reports and other advanced tips clearing up a lot of the confusion out there about trend following and trading in general.


For a limited time, you can give it a try just as the market is developing a new uptrend.  This year its on track to nearly double the average annual performance.


As a special bonus, you also receive 3 months of the Tradetobefree Daily Alert for free.


The 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy on has a great track record yet takes only 15 minutes on 1 day per week to execute your orders.  Its a super efficient way of swing trading.


Check it out and learn more about a very successful 11 year strategy on the subscribe page



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