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Iphone Accelerator Pedal

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Originally posted April 22nd on Yahoo Message Boards:

The fact that Apple sold more iphones this quarter versus last quarter which includes the Christmas season tells you that the iphone is much more popular than people thought – worldwide. Iphone sales blew away expectations. And more foreign markets are just now introducing the iphone. That coupled with the 4g probably coming out in June with a flash camera and video conferencing capability built-in, you have to still like Apple here. Why not come out with a premium iphone with a bigger price tag with more prestige? You have to like that strategy.

But this all comes down to one distinct advantage Apple has (besides the excessive brand loyalty) and that is the Apple stores. Traffic to the Apple stores has always been strong. Now people are coming in in droves to see the new ipad and are going to check out the new Macs, ipods, televisions, etc.. And now with the new 4G iphone likely coming soon you may have trouble getting into the store. And market share for the Mac, ipad and iphone still has a long way to go.

The company already has accelerating earnings and sales growth even before the first quarter of Ipad sales and the 4G iphone announcement coming up. The current 50% sales growth and 90% earnings growth would have to make it the top US growth stock in my opinion. Given its size, cash hoard, future prospects and more safety as an investment that comes along with it.

We first featured Apple this year in early February. Ahead of the Ipad release. The stock is up 33% since then. We generally sell before earnings but we felt strongly Apple would have a blowout quarter.

We continue to be long APPL.

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