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Trading vs Investing

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When making money in the stock market one thing you need to ask is “Should I invest or trade?”


And the answer to this question depends on a lot of factors.  Not the least of which is how much time you have available each week to monitor your positions.


Investing is probably the least time-consuming approach.


Although some say you need an hour per week for each stock, it really varies.


During earnings season, you may need several hours as each stock reports earnings.  Each earnings conference call may take 2-3 hours to comb through and properly analyze.


And many of us do not want to have our personal lives disrupted when a big announcement comes out related to our stock.  Especially now that we are heading into the holiday season.


That is why having someone do the research for you is really worthwhile before doing the follow-up yourself.  And not only do you save all that precious free time, you get an expert’s opinion and insight.


So using a successful investment newsletter or a swing trading service makes all the sense in the world.  And is probably the least time-consuming approach to making money in the market besides index funds or mutual funds which tend to under-perform the overall market.


The 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter has a better track record of producing wealth than buy and hold.  It outperformed all the top investment newsletters covered by Hulberts over the first 6.5 years of service.  By 10 points – per year.


The 3 Stocks to Wealth service requires no time during the week until the next alert is sent out.  The actual entry/exit strategy is very straightforward and takes just a few minutes per week as a subscriber.


Its a great alternative to buy and hold for the aggressive portion of your overall portfolio and is worth a look.  We have free video instruction on to teach you the basics if you want to do it yourself.  Although the service saves you countless hours per week.



Click the link above for more information or to order at a special introductory rate. Or, copy it to your browser address bar.


This special quarterly starter rate will only be good for a short while.  So take advantage of it while you can.


If you decide to do technical swing trading instead, which takes time each day instead of once per week, you can take our free trial to tradetobefree.  If you have not already.  And here is a special offer to join if you have


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