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Identifying Great Earnings Trades

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On Friday we had another great earnings eruptions trade on TTD.  It hit our entry point and cruised 10% higher the same day.  Another great earnings trade after the announcement. We are still holding a larger swing trading position using the 3 Stocks to Wealth strategy and up nearly 20% over the past couple trading days.


Over the past week or so several trading setups qualified and made great profits for those using our #1 short-term swing trade and day trade setup – the earnings eruptions trade. Meanwhile, other stocks turned over after a gap after earnings.


People keep emailing and asking what the difference is between a great earnings setup and one that is……   an underwhelming earnings trade setup on its face.


I don’t have a whole lot of time right now but here are some of the critical factors that make for a very profitable earnings trade setup that blows away other short-term strategies.


    • A great long-term chart.  This is probably the #1 overlooked factor.  If they are not generating shareholder value over the years, why would fund managers jump in immediately to send the price skyward?  You have to know what a good long-term chart really looks like.


    • A great pre-market chart pattern.  Our earnings strategy videos tell you exactly what we look for to get such a high win rate vs other earnings trading strategies.


    • A superior earnings beat on both the top and bottom-line.  Along with a big guidance raise.  It needs to be big enough to qualify.


    • The right float parameters, volume and industry is important as well.


I could spend the next 2 hours explaining the strategy rules in detail.  Things you must know.  But I already have a complete video training guide that will get you prepared for more great earnings trades coming up in the weeks ahead to nail a big trade at the right time.



Here is the full training course.  Click here to check it out




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