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More Profits on Big Earnings Beats

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Yesterday we saw 2 more nice earnings eruptions trades on ANET and YELP. Both stocks moved about 5% from the ideal technical entry point within an hour again. This strategy continues to be red hot.


Before the market opened we published a video going over the trading setups we were watching for that day. As we did earlier this week on other earnings eruptions trades (and also a great swing trading setup we jumped in on CORT that appeared in the Daily Alert earlier.)


Both YELP and ANET were gaping high enough on Friday and had a strong enough pre-market pattern to qualify for the earnings eruptions trade.


Both stocks seemed to satisfy all of the other requirements in the course as well. YELP almost pulled back too much before the market open but opened high enough to keep it on our radar.


Shortly after the open both stocks hit the ideal technical entry point and I jumped in. No pump was necessary as institutional money was flooding into these higher quality stocks on a huge beat and guidance raise.


After entering at the ideal entry point, it was off to the races.


We are not about pumping and dumping penny stocks here at We go after much higher probability trading setups that beat all the other day trading setups we tested over the past couple years on over 5,000 live day trades that included a lot of penny stock strategies.


If you trade intraday, or want a more profitable, scalable and safer strategy, this is the best I have found by far. All the other intra-day strategies seem to work maybe 2 out of 3 times if you are good. A lot of them are far worse.


This one continues to have an 80% to 90% success rate if it satisfies all the rules in the earnings eruptions course.


Learn a higher probability strategy for trading earnings season. All this week I just demonstrated how effective this is as most good day traders lost money.



The first video reviews the trades we made on Friday – normally a tough day to make money day trading.


The 2nd video in this playlist was published before the bell and goes over my thought process ahead of the opening bell in evaluating these trading setups on our daily watch list created using the earnings eruptions course.





Free Presentation: Elite Earnings Eruption Video Course



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