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Investtobefree Webinar Covering the New Upgrades

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Several years ago, I noticed that some of my subscribers were just buying the stocks in the newsletter and holding them for a week.  This is not recommended as many of the stocks are in a short-term downtrend.


The Tradetobefree strategy calls for waiting until the short-term downtrend has been broken before entering a trade as pointed out on the site and with each trading setup featured on the subscription site and newsletter unless that resistance has already been broken.


The reason we do this is because the odds of success increase if the stock can break the short-term downtrend while not going below the long-term uptrend support beforehand.


So if the stock stays above the long-term uptrend support and breaks the short-term downtrend, we are interested in the trading setup.


But some were simply just buying the stock beforehand with mixed results.  At the same time many were asking for an even simpler way without having to use technical analysis.


Many people just don’t have the half hour to hour a day to use the Tradetobefree newsletter and execute the strategy.  And many just can not do it consistently with their schedule.


A lot of people will cancel the subscription and say they do not have the time for trading.  And later come back when they have more time.  Unfortunately, sometimes after missing some big gains.


So for those short on time and who do not care for technical analysis, I developed a new strategy where you just hold the top 3 stocks each week.  After many months of research, back-testing and testing in a live account, I brought the site and 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter to the public in April of 2012.


A strategy that requires just 15 minutes of your time each week with the newsletter.


Back then I made the bold statement that this could be a 5 to 10 bagger in five years before commissions and fees.  And its still on track to do that.  In the free webinar yesterday I revealed the latest performance chart after the first four years and discussed the new add-ons to reduce volatility I have been working on for more than a year.


This free webinar also discusses the results from the hundreds who completed our recent survey and the exciting new add-ons being planned for the next release to reduce volatility and ensure you are getting good results closely matching the performance chart before commissions and fees.



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