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Trend Trading – Here’s a Great Example to Learn How

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Over the past few months we released free videos on the most bullish chart pattern – the bull flag.


The bull flag is one powerful trend trading continuation pattern as you are about to see.


A couple months ago, we could see conditions were setting up to produce these patterns.


We witnessed a strong bullish market signal in late January and another on the first trading day in March.  Signs that the overall market trend was switching towards the upside for a while.


And many sectors, including the beaten down materials group, were due for a strong relief rally.


So I wanted to publish these videos so you could prepare.


Now one of our top trading setups in this pattern just hit its second target last week. And has nearly doubled from our target entry point within a month.


There are different ways to trade this pattern and the GRAM trade provides a great example to go over our different strategies for entering and exiting this powerful chart pattern.


Fund managers can not hit these ideal entry points because they have to buy millions of dollars worth of stock. Which pushes the price up too far, too quickly.


In fact, the video above shows how larger investors push the stock higher after our customers got in. And how they inflated the trading accounts of those who followed our buy/sell points closely when we featured this setup at the end of February.


Click the video above to see how we traded this stock with both the right technical AND fundamental factors to support an enormous move.


Subscribe to our Youtube channel and see how we trade this pattern.

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