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Several years ago I noticed that, despite delivering a great swing trading strategy and a lot of very profitable trend trading setups, a lot of my audience was not using and profiting from the strategy.


I mean, I did get a lot of positive feedback, people who had literally changed their quality of life for the better.  However, others were just quiet and not continuing with the program.


Often they would come to me and say something that basically meant “I don’t have time or really understand technical analysis and the technical entries/exits, just tell me what to buy, when to buy it and when to sell”.


I hear this often enough that it finally got me thinking, is there really a way to make it that simple for people?  Maybe most people just want to harness the skill and 10+ years experience that I have to beat the market by a wide margin.


So I went to work to find a great, more passive trading system for people who just do not have the time for chart patterns, candlestick patterns, moving averages and the myriad of other technical analysis tools.


I was really trying to figure out whether you can use the principles underlying my trend trading strategy to make a great return with no follow-up technical analysis.


After a lot of trial and error with proprietary screeners and testing on a live account, I found an excellent strategy that my audience could really benefit from and actually change their quality of life.  A strategy that took literally just 15 minutes per week to make the returns of a professional trader once I gave them the top 3 stocks to hold the following week.


After proving it in a live account, I decided to offer it to everyone.  And and the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter was born in April of 2012.


Back then I made a pretty bold claim.  Based on back-testing results and our experience in a live account, I said that we could help people generate a 5 to 10-bagger in about five years in your aggressive portfolio.


Well its been four years now, and those who faithfully use the approach each week, with full positions each week, are still on track to pull this off.  Before commissions and expenses.  And for many, after commissions and expenses.


But, with all aggressive market strategies, you have more volatility.  And you have to be disciplined week in and week out.  And many people have not followed through and stuck with it.


And I think a lot of that has to do with understanding and expecting volatility.  Any great strategy will have periods of draw-down.  Even mutual funds have draw-down.  Anyone who held money in a mutual fund in 2008 can tell you all about draw-down.


So I have found ways to reduce volatility significantly, protect yourself from sudden market corrections and still keep most if not all of the great results we have seen in the first four years of and the 3 Stocks to Wealth newsletter.


But, before I complete these optional add-ons, I wanted to ask you what you most wanted to see added to the 3 Stocks to Wealth system.


As an incentive for filling out the following survey, I am giving a free subscription to 2 people chosen at random.


Vote now on your favorite new 3 Stocks to Wealth add-ons and win a free subscription!


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